Your One Minute Intro and The Search for Perfection!

Having changed the nature of my business at the beginning of the year I have spent a lot of time thinking about the “one minute intro” – my own in particular!

Indeed it has been quite a challenge, having spent nineteen years polishing my introduction for my magazine business, having to go back to square one to create the “perfect” introduction. Spoiler alert here… I can tell you the “perfect” one minute introduction is a very rare beast – requiring that optimal combination of speaker, audience and timing.

So, what have I learnt over the past six months:

Firstly, that I still love the introduction rounds at any networking event. From a practical perspective it remains the most effective way to find out who everyone is, what they do and get a small insight into their personality.

Secondly, preparation is key and timing is everything, so I have spent a lot of time rehearsing and timing myself and one thing I can tell you is that it is way better to take up less time than try and cram too much in.

Thirdly, it is important to open and close strong – if it all goes awry in the middle no one is going to remember!

Fourthly, less is definitely more – one clear message for the main section of your intro is fine.

Finally, sometime you think you have the “perfect” one minute, indeed I thought I had one cracked a couple of months ago. Word perfect, on time and the first time I delivered it my “slightly amusing comment” – I hesitate to use the word “joke” – got lots of laughter. I delivered the same one minute in exactly the same way to a different group the next week – total silence – not even a smile!

So, sometimes, for whatever reason your one minute just doesn’t connect and that’s fine because the one minute intro is just that, an introduction.

The most important part is what comes next – talking to people afterwards, meeting up for 1 to 1s, connecting on LinkedIn, seeing them again next time and developing long term business relationships…

… until you reach the point where you can laugh together about that meeting where no one laughed at your “joke” and you wanted the floor to swallow you up!