“Regular and Repetitive”

Coffee and Connect meetings are always very lively with lots of great conversations, smiles and plenty of good businesses, so no sooner has a meeting finished than I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting again.

… and the key word in that sentence is “again“, because the key to making networking work for you, is to attend regularly.

People take time to get to know you and and your business and develop trust in your capabilities, so they need to meet you and talk to you on a regular and repetitive basis.

Those of you who are Coffee and Connect regulars will know that “regular and repetitive” is a favourite phrase of mine when I am discussing marketing activities – usually in the context of my magazine advertising – but business networking is also a marketing activity, and yes it works best when it is regular and repetitive.


If you have visited us recently for the first time, please do come back and see us again!

And if you are long-standing regular who hasn’t been back for a while – we miss you! So please do come along again!