Regular Visits Ensure Networking Success!

People sometimes think marketing is all about undertaking lots of complex and time-consuming activities and yes, having spent my whole career in marketing occasionally it most definitely is.

However, in reality, the most effective form of marketing is often not those one-off projects but the simple things we do on a regular, repetitive basis where people receive a constant drip feed of information about us and our business.

This is especially so when it comes to networking.

People need time to get to know you and your business and, most importantly, develop trust in your abilities.

This does not happen overnight, which is why I always say networking is a long-term plan – you need to attend regularly to get results.

But it really is worth it, because when people get to know you and what you do, not only might you gain business but you also have access to a business community full of people happy to share their knowledge and advice and provide support to you too…

… but it only works if you attend regularly!

So, if you find a group that works for you, then make sure you pop their dates in your diary now to ensure you can attend on a regular basis… because sometimes it’s as simple as that!