Points of Difference

I spent the first part of my marketing career working for large corporates in the field of science and healthcare. Whilst the products were exciting and innovative, marketing was classical and I spent a lot of time analysing markets, could conduct a conversation purely in acronyms and was a master of the PowerPoint presentation!

However, whilst I don’t miss the slow-moving corporate decision-making process the knowledge I gained was priceless, because regardless of whether you are working for a large business, are a self-employed freelancer or run your own small business (and I have done all three) the fundamentals of marketing remain the same.

A key buzzword back in my corporate days was differentiation – what is it that makes your product special? And yes, the focus was always on the product; understandably so as the products we sold had come from the minds of some amazing scientists who created true medical innovations.

Fast forward to the world of local small business in which I have “lived” for the past 15 years and differentiation is still just as relevant.

What is it that makes people buy from you instead of your competitors?

It might be the type of product/service that you provide just like in my corporate days or it may be quality of the service you offer, but the big advantage that those of us in small business have over the corporate world is that it might actually just be about you…

… and that people buy from you because of:

  • Your Knowledge
  • Your Experience
  • Your Approach
  • Your Expertise
  • Your Attitude

 … and these characteristics are all very visible when you go networking, which is why networking really can help you demonstrate your own Point of Difference.