Marketing Fundamentals

I have spent my whole working career in Sales and Marketing; 14 years in a corporate environment, nine years working freelance (market research and copy writing as I mentioned last month) and the last 14 years publishing my magazines. Many things have changed over that time in terms of the tools we use to communicate our marketing messages but the actual fundamentals of marketing remain remarkably consistent:

1.    Before you start any form of marketing the most important question to answer is “Who are your customers?”.

2.    Then you need to consider: Where do your customers “hang out”? i.e. where do they get their marketing information from. This may very well NOT be where you go to get information yourself (and this is especially relevant when considering all the very different social media channels.)

3.    What message are you trying to communicate? For most of us this needs to be a very clear and succinct description of the service we provide i.e. what you do.

4.    Successful marketing campaigns are multi-faceted – you need to communicate your messages in different ways and in different places. So, it is NOT digital or networking or print or SEO or Direct Mail or ad words or exhibitions or referrals etc… You need a mixture of communication channels.

5.    The most effective form of marketing is regular and repetitive – a constant drip feed of information.

6.    Marketing should deliver quality enquires – it is absolutely NOT all about large numbers. It is better to get a small number of serious enquiries that result in sales rather than a high volume of poor quality “leads” that you simply waste time dealing with.

7.    Maintaining a consistent visual image is important – having a logo and standardised colours and fonts helps to develop visual recognition.

8.   Effective marketing takes time and patience – when you have developed your strategy you need to leave it be and let it run.