Is your business “Frozen In Time” in the eyes of your customers?

When we plan our marketing we are always very focussed on gaining new customers and understandably so.

But stop for a moment to consider your existing customers.

Have you ever had a client say to you “I didn’t know you did this”? Or even worse, found out that a customer went to another supplier because they didn’t know you offered the same service!

I always think that people remember what we do from that very first time when we speak to them. However, the problem is that your initial introduction becomes frozen in time.

So, you may grow your business, offering all sorts of additional services and products, but people you have dealt with over many years often won’t realise – unless you tell them!

Therefore, an important part of your marketing planning should be about communicating with existing customers and reminding them what you do NOW; in 2020. Especially as existing clients already trust you and your company so if you have a new product/service they are very likely to be the first ones to take it up.

Communicating your news to existing customers doesn’t need to be complicated; a simple email newsletter or a phone call to those you think your new product/service might be especially relevant to. I send out a printed letter to accompany the new magazine editions that go out to my advertisers which gives me the opportunity to highlight anything new.

But the key thing is: when you are planning your marketing activity always remember to include your existing customers.