How Networking Can Help Your Business

As we reach the end of the year it is great to have face-to-face networking back and properly running again.

The last few Coffee and Connect meetings have been really well attended and we have had such a positive buzz in the room with lots of great conversations, smiles and laughter – it has reminded me why I love networking so much.

But aside from being an enjoyable morning out of the office, networking can really help you grow your business because:

1. It is a great way for people to find out about what you do and you are not just speaking to the people in the room, but to everyone they are connected with.

2. People that network like to help other local business people that they know and, especially at Coffee and Connect, we are very proactive about helping each other.

3. Networking events are great places to get practical advice about running your business – maybe you are looking for recommendations for new accounting or CRM software.

4. They also give you the opportunity to meet other businesses you might collaborate/work with.

5. Plus meeting up with other local businesses enables you to share information about local issues and the local business environment.

6. Finally, whilst running your own business is great (most of the time!) it’s really good to meet up with other people in a similar situation and have your own “chat at the coffee machine”.