How do you feel about online networking events?

Personally, I love / hate them in equal measure!

I was quite late in trying online networking, only attending my first online events at the end of the summer before moving Coffee and Connect online in September. (Family and magazines took all my time before then.)

What I love about online networking is seeing everyone’s smiling faces and just hearing from everybody again. I am also pleased to say that we are still generating the same friendly, welcoming Coffee and Connect atmosphere online as we do in real life.

However, although the one-minute intros and break out sessions are great, nothing online can replicate the open networking parts of an event, and it is that spontaneity and being able to have lots of conversations with many people that I really miss.

The practical side also has pros and cons. I have been able to attend some events online that I would not have been able to get to in person because the travel time would have taken too much out of an already busy day.

However, the practicalities of setting up for online events are also equally demanding – moving furniture and cables everywhere; speaker, microphone and camera all having to be set up and tested – though I think I have finally cracked the camera angle!

So, to answer my own question my conclusion is that I am enjoying online networking more than I originally anticipated and I would definitely recommend that you give it a try if you have not yet already done so.

Ultimately however, I am looking forward to being able to run Coffee and Connect in person and I am optimistic that we will be back networking face-to-face in 2021.