Following Up

As I mentioned last month I have been having a lovely time recently getting out and about attending lots of networking events, however just going and making new connections is not enough… you need to follow up.


One of the most effective ways I have found to continue to develop connections is to connect with people on LinkedIn.

Most people I meet networking do now have a LinkedIn profile, and if I have had a very busy week networking I especially like the fact that we all have our profile pics on there so I can remember who is who!

Do remember to add a note with your connection request just saying how you know them/where you met. If you only have a free LinkedIn account and are limited to a small number of accompanying notes with your connection requests then maybe you can send a note after they accept your connection request.

(FYI a Premium Career Subscription of LinkedIn which enables you to send more messages with connection requests costs £180 per year so it may well be worth upgrading.)

Other Social Media Platforms

If you are active on other social media platforms then remember to look for new contacts on there too in order to follow/connect with them there.

Keep the Conversation Going

But remember, getting connected with someone on Social Media is just the start, you need to engage – so get commenting, posting and liking.

One to Ones

Often we will chat to people at events and say “we must meet up for coffee”… and then we get back to the office and have to catch up on calls, and are out the next day, and then it just seems like too long has passed to get back in touch…

So, send that message suggesting a few dates for a meet-up as soon as you get back to your desk.

And if you are reading this and remembering someone who you never got round to meeting up with, well why not get back in contact now.

Sending / Receiving Information

If someone has asked you to send them information at an event make sure you do it immediately. And if, like me, you often have too many things going on in your brain to remember everything, write it down – I usually make a note on the back of the person’s business card.

(And, I am sure I don’t need to say this, but do say thank you if someone sends you information you have asked for.)

Business Cards

Talking of business cards remember to visit the leaflets table to pick up any leaflets and/or business cards that have been put out. I find these pieces of printed collateral really useful to help me remember what people do and of course it is helpful to have contact details for future reference.

But, at the risk of stating the obvious, never just go round and pick up everyone’s card and add them to your mailing list. Not only does this breach GDPR but you will ensure people remember you for all the wrong reasons!

Meeting Up Again

Of course the best way to follow up is to see people again – hopefully at the same event – so that you get to know them and them you. So, if you find an event where you feel “at home” and which works in terms of your business objectives then get their dates in your diary now so that you can follow up in person.