Frequently Asked Questions

We meet at Victoria Hall in Hartley Wintney RG27 8RQ. This is on the main A30 running through the village. 

From the Fleet / Camberley direction it is on the right hand side just after the roundabout / turning to the B3011 to Reading. 

From the Hook / Basingstoke direction as you come into the village it is on the left hand side just before the roundabout / turning to the B3011 to Reading. 

There is a large free car park at the hall and plenty of free parking in the roads nearby.

Please may I remind you that if you park on the residential roads to do so with consideration for the local residents and ensure emergency access is not blocked.

No, there are no forms to fill in or membership fees to pay. I want you to come along to Coffee and Connect because it works, not because you feel you have to because you have paid membership fees. You simply pay £5 to cover the room hire and the cost of your tea / coffee and you pay that in cash on the day.

Please bring your business cards and leaflets as there will be a table for you to display these. Also if you have any products that you sell or examples of your work please do bring a few along to show people. Props always liven up the thirty second intros!

We sit in a circle and go around the group giving everyone thirty seconds to introduce themselves and their business. Don’t worry, we don’t time you, but everyone soon gets to know how much you can say and we always seem to manage to run to time!

When everyone has introduced themselves I speak for @ 5 minutes and then we usually have a few other bits and pieces to go through before we break up the formal session and stay and chat – sometimes business, sometimes purely social but always lots of upbeat conversation!

However most importantly before we break from the formal session we always go around the group again with everyone saying their name and business name. I know how difficult it can be remembering who everyone is, especially the first few times you attend so this way we make sure you can identify the people you want to talk to!

You have thirty seconds to introduce yourself to the group. Just keep it simple; your name, the name of your business and a brief explanation of what you do. I would recommend trying to keep this first bit reasonably consistent each time then mentioning something different in the second half of your introduction at each meeting – perhaps highlighting a specific product / service, sharing a piece of advice or mentioning something that makes your business unique / special. The most important thing though is how you say it – enthusiasm and a smile go a long way!

  • 10am Arrive / Sign in / Tea & Coffee
  • 10.25am Meeting start – circle introductions
  • 11.15am Presentation from Mel
  • 11-20am AOB e.g. other networking events
  • 11-25am Open Networking i.e. stay and chat!
  • 12-30pm Close

I send out a meeting reminder e-mail each month. This contains details of that month’s meeting and some business / networking tips. You can see examples of these emails on my blog.

I never share your email address with anyone else unless someone contacts me to ask if I ”know anyone who…?” or if someone met you at a meeting and was wanting to contact you for a specific reason.  

You can unsubscribe from the reminder email at any time – there is an “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom of the emails or you can just pop an email over to me asking to unsubscribe.