Deciding Deliberately To Do Nothing

I have had a very busy time over the past month and am delighted to tell you that I now have two new websites; this one for Coffee and Connect and the other for my “proper” business, The Magazine Connection. (

A few years ago, if I told you I had had two websites designed and built in a few weeks you wouldn’t have thought it possible. However, times have changed.

When “Update Websites” first appeared on my “Future Projects” list several years ago I went off and did my research; talking to experts and looking online to see what was possible.

It was still very much the era when the website technology itself seemed to overwhelm the business’s own message and websites tended to be complex and multi-layered.

Sitting down to try and plan out what I required and subsequently put together a project plan was totally overwhelming and I could see that it was going to take me away from running my business for far too long.

Reviewing the situation objectively, I knew that my existing websites were working fine and that my time would be better spent in other areas. So, I made a conscious and deliberate decision not to do anything with them at that point in time.

Fast forward to 2018 and I was conducting one of my regular reviews of my “Future Project” list and I spoke to Cody Colville from Blue Room IT. During our conversation he said something that really struck a chord with me: that websites now needed to be “Designed for Mobile”, in other words kept as simple as possible.

Immediately I could see what was required for my websites – simple, pared back and just focusing on key messages – with no complex technology causing confusion and complications (though I do have one rather fab “gizmo” on my magazine website which Cody suggested and I really love!)

So, what is the conclusion of this story? … as regular readers will know there is always a message!

Simply that sometimes “parking” an idea because the time is not right, the current technology does not enable you to do what you want to do or you simply don’t have the resources to implement a project at that point is absolutely fine, provided you are making a deliberate decision to do this.

I have a very long list of ideas on my “Future Projects” list – note this is NOT a “To Do” list. I review this list regularly but not too frequently – ideas get added, things get deleted and sometimes, as in this case, they make the transition to the actual “To Do” list and get implemented!