2020 Coffee and Connect Dates; Regular Attendance brings Networking Success

So, it is going to be a very short message from me this month, as with the run up to Christmas well underway and my New Year magazines needing to be finished extra early my “to do” list runs to many pages in my day book…

… and I know you will all be the same so the last thing you need from me is a long article as we all have far too much to do at the moment!

However, there is one important message that I repeat all the time – and that is the key to successful networking is to attend meetings on a regular basis so that people really get to know you and your business and understand what you do.

So, I just wanted to ask you to do one thing:

Put all our 2020 dates for Coffee and Connect in your diary now!

  • Wed 8th January 2020 (yes, this is the 8th Jan as the first Wednesday of the month is New Year’s Day)
  • Wed 5th February
  • Wed 4th March
  • Wed 1st April
  • Wed 6th May
  • Wed 3rd June
  • Wed 1st July
  • No meeting in August
  • Wed 2nd September
  • Wed 7th October
  • Wed 4th November
  • Wed 2nd December 2020