Using relevant props in your one minute helps to make you memorable!

I have a rather esoteric tip for you this month but this is a subject that has cropped up in several conversations I have had recently and I thought it would be helpful to remind you all that:

Using relevant props in your one minute helps to make you memorable!

So is there anything that you can bring along to show us that illustrates what you do?

It can make it easier for you to explain and for people to understand, excatly what you do – especially when you only have a minute to capture someone’s attention. … and of course just giving people something to look at makes them pay attention to you.

Those of you who attend regularly will know Pippa Brooks from Riverprint printers. Around a year ago she totally changed her one minute, Instead of describing what Riverprint do she now shows us examples of items that they have printed over the past month. The amount of work she has been getting from Coffee and Connect meetings has increased significantly since she made this change because people now ask her for “something like this” and will point out something she has shown us.

Now I know that this won’t be easily applicable for everyone but it might be worth just stopping and thinking for a moment if there is some way of visually showing us what you do.

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