The one minute intro

Why does everyone do a one minute introduction?

So that everyone in the room knows who you are and most importantly, what you do.

To illustrate this – if there is someone there who has been thinking about getting a website and you are a website designer, you want them to know you are there so they can come and talk to you!

Equally there may be someone present who would never have thought of using your service but when they hear what you do think that what you offer could be helpful to them.

One of the reasons we go to networking meetings is to let people know about our businesses. When you attend a Coffee and Connect meeting you have an opportunity to tell everyone there what you do.

What should I say in my one minute?

Your name, your business name; a few sentences about what you do and perhaps you might mention a special offer, a recent project or show us an example of your work. Props, if you have them, will really make you memorable!

How can I ensure people remember my one minute i.e. me and my business?

There are two aspects to this; firstly you want to sound professional – so practice – make sure you can explain what you do clearly and succinctly in a few sentences. You want to inspire confidence in your capabilities.

But secondly, don’t worry that your one minute needs to be very “slick” – being friendly, approachable and above all enthusiastic about you do is more important – and smile!

When do you do your one minute presentations?

At the beginning when everyone has arrived. This then gives us time to stay and chat afterwards and actually work on the other aspect of successful networking, which is getting to know people and their business in more depth. (More on that another time.)

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