The Fundamentals of Marketing

I have spent my whole career in Sales and Marketing and taking a trip down memory lane recently, revisiting some of the marketing projects I have worked on I realised that although the financial budgets may be different, whether you are a large corporate, a freelancer or a small business the fundamentals of marketing remain the same:

• Marketing is a necessity, not a luxury – you need to pro-actively tell people about your business

• The most effective form of Marketing is Regular & Repetitive. Yes, you may run one-off campaigns to promote a special offer, event or launch a new service but you need a constant drip feed of marketing activity and it cannot stop when you personally are busy

• You need to communicate your message in different ways – e.g. my printed magazines have a unique characteristic – they have a physical entity – so you interact with (and remember) them differently to e.g. reading this blog online

• Whilst creativity is a vital component in any Marketing Plan success is only achieved through planning, organisation and meeting deadlines – “getting things done”

Networking is a great way to tell other people about your business and if you attend regularly it certainly ticks the “regular and repetitive” criteria.

Personally, I have just finished putting together my Design / Print / Distribution / Networking Schedule for 2018 (so I am ticking the “getting things done” box there”) so I can give you our Coffee and Connect dates for 2018 in order that you can get them in your diary now.

Coffee and Connect Meeting Dates:

• Wed 1st Nov 2017

• Wed 6th Dec

• Wed 3rd Jan 2018

• Wed 7th Feb

• Wed 7th Mar

• Wed 4th Apr

• Wed 2nd May

• Wed 6th Jun

• Wed 4th Jul

• No meeting in August

• Wed 5th Sep

• Wed 3rd Oct

• Wed 7th Nov

• Wed 5th Dec

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