Taking Your One Minute To The Next Level

When you first start off networking just managing to remember what you are going to say is an achievement and using a simple structure that I have discussed in previous posts helps.

However after you have been attending meetings for a while you notice that some people do stand out when doing their one minute and are really memorable.

Of course some people are lucky to have a natural talent for speaking in public but there are some tips we can all benefit from:

It’s not what you say but how you say it…

A cliché I know but it is so true. So when it comes to your minute:

Speak up – it helps to make you sound confident – you need to feel as if you are speaking too loudly.

Engage with your audience – look round the room and talk “to” them as individuals.

Practice and practice again – especially the opening and closing sentences – you want to be able to begin and end easily so that even if the” bit in the middle” goes wrong you know you have a strong close.

Get yourself a strapline / slogan – you all know mine “connecting local businesses to local people”.

Show your enthusiasm – you love your business so show it; you need to sound positive, maybe even happy when you are telling people what you do and keep your energy levels high. You want to make people feel that they want to work with you.

Give people evidence – so facts and examples – not just a broad overview. Demonstrate you really know your subject by giving specific details and examples of things you know / the way you work – show you are a professional.

Props – great to make you memorable and sometimes simply to show exactly what you do (as when I hold up my magazines).

Always expect the unexpected – so make sure you have a standard one minute which you can go into without a moment’s thought if a meeting organiser suddenly says – I think we have time for a round of one minutes; Mel we’ll start with you. Also remember to have an edited version if the time is cut down to 30 secs.

Never become complacent – the moment you think you have got the one minute sorted is the moment it all goes wrong – so continually look to change and improve your one minute and always keep practicing.

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