Successful networking takes time (and effort!)

I attended the Hampshire Business Expo at Basingstoke last week – a full day of visiting the exhibition, two networking events, meetings and a couple of seminars. It was a really good day – I saw lots of people I knew, renewed old acquaintances, met people I didn’t know but who had heard of me and Coffee and Connect …. and talked to people who were interested in advertising in my magazines!

However great productive days like this don’t happen by chance. I have been attending business networking events for over four years now and have encountered them all, “the good, the bad and the seriously ugly”! However over the past few years I have made sure that I have got out of the office, gone along to meetings and met lots of people on a regular basis. My visit to the Expo last week was proof that networking really does pay off…if you work at it… all those people I met last week who knew me / or had heard of me did so because of my networking activities.

Successful business networking really is something you need to work at and if you find a good group (and hopefully that will be Coffee and Connect – though there are others out there!) then you need to attend regularly because – and yes here comes that familiar catchphrase again:

“People need time to get to know you and remember what you do”

Networking does not bring immediate results but if you stick at it, it really can be a great way to help grow your business.

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