“Out of Sight Out of Mind”

I bumped into someone recently in the supermarket who I hadn’t seen for ages – an old Coffee and Connect regular. It was great to catch up and find out everything they had been doing with their business. It got me thinking about all the people I had met over the past five years of running Coffee and Connect so I took a few minutes out and went through my mailing list – quite a trip down memory lane!

Sometimes people stop attending networking meetings because they have moved away or their business takes a different direction but often “real life” just gets in the way. You miss a meeting because you have a deadline to meet, then next time you are ill and the month after you forget to put it in your diary and then you just stop coming along which initially is fine because people will remember you…

However networking (like any form of marketing) needs to be undertaken consistently and regularly otherwise you slip from people’s memory, which is such a waste of all the good work you have done in the past.

So if you haven’t been to a Coffee and Connect meeting for a while why not come along this week and say hello again – we still have plenty of long term regulars for you to catch up with and we have many new people for you to meet as well.

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