Networking Tips

1. The best networkers focus on how they can make connections for other people rather than just thinking about how they can get sales for themselves.

2. It is not what you say but how you say it that counts most in your one minute introduction – enthusiasm and positivity really are infectious.

3. In terms of what to say in your one minute intro, keep it simple, easy to remember and consistent. So for the first 30 seconds say your name, business name and give an overview of what you do. Then use the last section to focus on one particular aspect of your work (and change this each month) – perhaps mention a testimonial, a special offer or highlight a particular service you offer.

4. Meeting new people is what successful networking is all about, so make sure you go and chat to people you haven’t met before.

5. Be genuine and be yourself.

6. Remember to SMILE and have fun!

7. But also remember you are in a business environment so be professional too.

8. Do make sure you follow through on any actions you have promised e.g. sending information or contact details and if you are the recipient of such info please remember to say thank you!

9. Please do not just pick up everyone’s business card and send e-mails out to everyone, successful networking is built on trust and getting to know people.

10. Most importantly you need to attend regularly; people need to get to know you and trust you and that takes time.