Networking – it’s all about the person

Last month I wrote about choosing a networking group and another question that I frequently get asked is “how to make networking work for you and your business”.

There are lots of practical tips I can give you – you can see these on my website – and practical information does help, especially if you are new to networking.

….but the more I network (and I have been seriously networking for eight years now) the more I realise that when I get asked “do you know anyone who?”, I reply in terms of: “this person really knows what they are talking about” or “try xxx they are so professional” and it will always be linked with a comment like “and they are really helpful, lovely to deal with”.

In other words it is all about the person, not the business.

…and there are two key criteria:

1. Do they inspire confidence that they are experts in their field and run their business professionally? 

2. Are they great to deal with? Helpful, polite, not pushy but just genuine people you would like to work with. 

So when you come along to Coffee and Connect this month take every opportunity you can to offer advice (with a smile) and demonstrate your expertise and knowledge, because networking is a long term plan and if you stick at it and people get to know you, like you and most importantly respect you, you will get results.

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