Making Noise

Business blog posts talk a lot about the importance of planning, using systems etc … and I am no exception to this as I do like to be planned and organised. However fundamentally the two most important things in business are making sales and getting paid …as you only have a business if you have paying customers.

I will return to the subject of getting paid on another occasion but today I want to focus on sales and really my message is quite simple.

September is the best time of year to make sales. There is something about  returning to work after the summers holidays, combined with that “back to school” feeling at the start of the new school year that you never quite shake off, that means we all want to take action and make things happen so your potential customers are in the right frame of mind to make decisions.

In other words September is a great time of year to get new customers. So don’t waste it.

Maybe your systems aren’t all in place, perhaps you haven’t got all your marketing support material finished and your new website isn’t live…it doesn’t matter. Time is of the essence; now is the time to get out and find new customers – you need to make lots of noise about you and your business so that people can find you and become your customers.

…but I can hear lots of you saying – “ what do I do to find these new customers and get sales?” Well I’ll let you into a secret – sometimes my phone doesn’t ring as much as I would like and when that happens I take action and “make lots of noise” about my business.

How can you make noise about your business?

  • Book into lots of networking meetings
  • Pick up the phone and speak to people
  • Write / email existing customers – are there other products / services you offer that they don’t know about? (Remember there is a difference between emails and letters; some people will read letters and not emails and vice versa)
  • Get some leaflets printed and delivered
  • Remind ex customers about your products / service
  • Get active on social media / blog
  • Book advertising – yes there will be a time delay but once it is organised it can just run and run, making lots of noise all the time about your business
  • Respond to requests for help where your business expertise could be useful
  • Get involved in your local business community
  • Just get out and about and talk about your business – getting in touch with businesses that are complementary to yours is a great place to start

… but do not just sit at home and wait for the phone to ring!

Interestingly when I have a manic few weeks making lots of noise my phone always starts to ring – not usually as a direct result that I can track back to a specific action but I can guarantee that if I had sat at home doing nothing then my phone would have stayed silent.

So as a start why not come along to Coffee and Connect and make some noise there about your business.

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