Making a good impression

I quite often get asked “do you know anyone who…?” Indeed one of the reasons I set up Coffee and Connect was because I was asked this question so many times. I also will often see questions on Twitter asking for recommendations and usually I know someone who can help.

But on what basis do you recommend someone? For me it is very clear, I must be confident that they are professional and efficient at what they do AND they must be pleasant to deal with.

So how does this translate to successful networking?

It is all about balance. It is very important to be friendly and approachable and a smile / positive attitude go a long way. But equally, don’t be afraid to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge – this gives people confidence that you will do a good job for them.

This is very much like Coffee and Connect itself. One of my well worn phrases is that “we are a very friendly and relaxed group, but don’t be deceived, lots of “proper” business gets done as well.”

So when you are thinking about what to say in your one minute this month, what can you include that demonstrates you really are good at what you do… oh and don’t forget to smile as well!

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