Helping other people can help your business

If you’ve ever attended any networking meetings I am sure you will have come across people who everyone knows and others always say good things about. Perhaps you may have wondered what it is about these people that makes everyone like and recommend them.

Well one important characteristic that these successful networkers all have in common is that they are focussed on helping other people as much as promoting their own business.

So here are a few ideas from me on how you can help other people at networking meetings:

  • Remember what it was like when you came to your first meeting and didn’t know anyone? Well if you spot someone you don’t recognise who looks new, go over, say hello and chat to them.
  • Think about whether you know anyone who might use the services of someone at the meeting. If so go and find out a little more about their business and if you are impressed take their contact details to pass on to your friend/colleague.
  • Have you used the services of someone at the meeting and been happy with the service provided? If so say so, either after they have done their one minute intro, or go and speak to them afterwards and offer to be a reference or send them a testimonial for them to use.
  • Do you know anyone who might be interested in working with someone in the room? For example can you introduce the great cake maker that you know to the fab wedding photographer you meet every month at the meeting.

More than anything else however it is a question of attitude. Yes you must be prepared for your one minute intro and it is absolutely right to be focussed on your business but taking a little bit of extra time to think about how you can genuinely help other people in the room will make you (and your business) even more memorable.

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