Generating ideas for your business in 2016

What are your plans for your business for 2016?

  • Do you want to expand – new products / services or target new customers?
  • Perhaps you want to develop a new marketing strategy
  • Or maybe your systems and procedures can’t cope with your workload and you want to design new systems to run your business

All of these will obviously require planning and organisation but before you get to that stage you need ideas – lots of them – and you need to analyse each idea; how can you implement it and will it improve your business or make running your business easier?

The thing about ideas though is that the best ones don’t usually come about through sitting at a desk staring at a blank piece of paper, you need to talk to people; people who know you, your business and who you trust to tell you if your idea is rubbish or amazing! …and who can help you turn that vague thought you have for a new service you could offer into something concrete which you can take away and investigate further.

The good news is that if you go networking regularly you have a unique resource to help you do exactly this – fellow networkers who know you and your business.

So this first week of the New Year why don’t you arrange to get together with some of your networking colleagues and spend 30 minutes discussing each of your businesses – you might be surprised at some of the ideas you come away with.

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