Being Memorable

I love the introductions round at Coffee and Connect – it is definitely my favourite hour of the month – hearing about everyone’s businesses. But what should you say and more importantly, how do you ensure people remember your introduction and your business.

I stick to a very simple structure:

• My name
• My business name
• Two sentences summarising what my business does
Specific content
• Close with my name and business name

The only bit that changes in this is the “specific content”.

Specific Content

I use the word “specific” very deliberately because people remember real, small details much more easily than broad summary statements so give:

• Useful advice – demonstrate your knowledge

• An example of how you work in your business and why that benefits your customers – reassure listeners that you are a true expert in your field

• Details of projects / scenarios you have worked on / helped a client with – provide evidence that you have real experience

Show examples of what you do – yes you can use props!

Don’t’ worry about trying to cover everything all in one go – networking needs to be regular to work so you will have lots of other opportunities – but you are trying to give people something useful / interesting that they will remember – even if it is not directly relevant to them at that particular moment. Who knows when they might need your services or more likely meet someone else who does – you want to be remembered.

However, what you say is only half of the story…

How you deliver your introduction is just as important:

Speak Up – it is fine to feel as if you are speaking a bit too loudly – better that than not be heard

Smile – we want to do business with people who look as if they enjoy what they do

Engage – look round the room as you talk, so people see that you are speaking to everyone

Practice, Practice and Practice again…

Finally, I cannot overstate how important it is to practice – and remember to time yourself as you do so. I compose and practice my introductions whilst “walking” to work on the treadmill each day!

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