Are you ready for your summer holiday?

I am certainly looking forward to mine though it isn’t for a while yet so plenty of work to do before then…most notably I have the Sept / Oct editions of my magazines to put together first!

Although we all like to think of long summer holidays most of us will just have the standard two weeks off …leaving lots of time to work! But before you all groan it is not quite as bad as it sounds because now is the perfect time to do two things:

1. Review where you are with your business

2. Get organised so you can really “hit the ground running” in September

Regular readers may remember that I have written before about reviewing your business and taking time at the beginning of the year to put a plan together, remembering that a plan should encompass all aspects of your business. So an improvement to one of your internal processes e.g. moving to an online accounting system is just as important as e.g. getting a new website as it will help you work more efficiently.

But have you actually followed your plan or did it get forgotten about in the day to day routine of running your business? Now is a great time to review progress to date, see what worked, what didn’t and make some changes.

If you did get caught up doing day to day “stuff” rather than tackling the bigger projects then I would suggest that sorting out a way of making these regular, repeat tasks easier has got to go to the top of your revised list of actions.

As you may know I deliver leaflets with my magazines however I had reached the point where the actual hands on management of all these thousands of leaflets was taking 4-5 days a month. Earlier in the year I realised there had to be a better way of doing things and now, after much work in planning and preparation, I have an amazing new system whereby all leaflets are now inserted into my magazines by my printers, prior to going out to my teams for distribution.

This has made my life easier and also given some significant benefits to my customers which I am now able to promote through my new website

So a systems change has not only made me more efficient but it has also given me a marketing advantage which leads me onto my second point.

The autumn is a great time of year for business development but only if you have your marketing collateral prepared in advance which means:

Now is the time to get your advertising booked (I have a July deadline for the Sep/Oct editions so you need to call me now!), get your website updated, organise an email campaign, design & print leaflets etc. If you wait until September it will be too late!

So before you go away on holiday take some time to review where you are with your business and then get prepared for when you get back – it will really make a difference.

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