Are the morning and evening meetings the same?

Suprisingly the answer is no, the morning and evening meetings are quite different.

Our morning meetings attract a lot of people and they represent a really wide and varied number of businesses. I always enjoy the one minute introduction session just because of the sheer diversity of what everyone does. This month for example we had the following businesses represented:

Tax Advisor / Virtual Assistant / Coach / Design Agency / Web Hosting / Driving School / Forever Living / Financial Advisor / Interior Design / Capital Tax Claims / Young Enterprise / Beauty Therapist / Solicitors / Marketing Agency / Pampered Chef / Melaleuca / Call Answering Service / Printers / Website Design / Admin Services / Local Magazine Advertising

We really do get a great mix of people and businesses at the morning meetings and everyone stays for a long time after the one minute introductions, chatting and doing business.

By contrast our evening meetings are always a smaller group; but that means we have more time as we go round introducing our businesses and we are able to ask questions and discuss people’s businesses in more depth. More general business issues also emerge spontaneously as we go around the introductions and we will talk about these topics as well. For example this week we had a very helpful conversation about setting up Facebook Business pages. I should also say that our evening meetings have a very relaxed feel and if you are at all stressed when you arrive you are guaranteed to be feeling better after all the laughter when you leave!

One consistent factor at both meetings however is that everyone is very friendly and especially welcoming towards new visitors, so if you’ve not been before why not come along and say hello in July and if you usually just attend in the morning why not try out the evening meeting or vice versa.

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