2013 – What a year for Coffee and Connect!

A Christmas Thank You

What a year 2013 has been for Coffee and Connect!

We have moved to the fabulous Elvetham Hotel and our meetings have been packed out, with 45 people typically attending the morning meetings and 25 of us regularly turning out on the subsequent Tuesday evenings, so @ seventy local businesses getting together every month.

This is a truly amazing turnout so I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for supporting Coffee and Connect and even more importantly, for making Coffee and Connect such a great group – we really do have a special mix of being warm and friendly whilst also being professional in our businesses.

So here are our 2014 meeting dates – get them in your diary now!

Thurs Morning 10a.m
10a.m. Thurs 9th Jan
10a.m. Thurs 6th Feb
10a.m. Thurs 6th Mar
10a.m. Thurs 3rd Apr
10a.m. Thurs 1st May
10a.m. Thurs 5th Jun
10a.m. Thurs 3rd Jul
No Meetings in August
10a.m. Thurs 4th Sep
10a.m. Thurs 2nd Oct
10a.m. Thurs 6th Nov
10a.m. Thurs 4th Dec

Tues Evening 6.30pm
6.30pm Tues 14th Jan
6.30pm Tues 11th Feb
6.30pm Tues 11th Mar
6.30pm Tues 8th Apr
6.30pm Tues 6th May
6.30pm Tues 10th Jun
6.30pm Tues 8th Jul
No Meetings in August
6.30pm Tues 9th Sep
6.30pm Tues 7th Oct
6.30pm Tues 11th Nov
No evening meeting in Dec

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